If someone in animation puts black humour and tragicomedy on paper, it’s Don Hertzfeldt. Dangling between the darkest spots of black humour and Lynch-ish surrealism—scored with classical music—polished with the mere effect of crumpling paper.

His work, mostly done with just pen and paper, has got a unique nonsensical brilliance and spontaneity when you consider the unbelievable amount of hours spent on each animation.

After his big success with Billy’s Balloon at the film festival in Cannes, Hertzfeldt started gaining a uniquely devoted fan base. And although he attracted various offers from the commercial world after his short-film “Rejected”, he continued his steadfast anti-commercialism and continued working on his films including “Everything Will Be OK” and “I’m So Proud Of You”. Both of which I highly recommend watching. They are available for purchase on Don’s website.

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Simon ScheiberSimon Scheiber is one of our columnists who writes about animation and experimental filmmaking. For years, he has been active as a designer and motion graphic artist. And he is currently working on his first stop-motion short film 'The Lighthouse’.