Alicia Framis heeft inmiddels over de hele wereld haar werk tentoongesteld. Afgelopen september was het werk van deze Spaanse te bezichtigen op Flux/S in Eindhoven en deze maand opent zij de eerste Moon Life Concept Store in Shanghai. Komende lente komt de maanwinkel naar Nederland, naar Rotterdam om precies te zijn. Ik sprak met Alicia over haar project Lost Astronaut.

How did Lost Astronaut originate?

PERFORMA, the Biennale of performance in New York, invited me to make an artwork. The theme of the Biennale was futurism. Inspired by the theme I presented the idea to be a lost astronaut in New York, for a period of fifteen days. Several writers and artists from New York made the instructions for each day I would be the Lost Astronaut. I had to follow these instructions and experience the project.

Lost Astronaut

What is your affinity with moon landscapes?

The moon is nothing yet. This gave me the possibility to revise what we want for our future. On the moon we have to begin again, start from scratch. Thinking about life on the moon provides the possibility to think about society. What do we want for ourselves? Regarding our history, what would we change and what would we want to repeat? The moon represents the possibility to think in extreme design, in failure and success.

How did it feel to be an astronaut in New York city?

I felt at home. The Americans feel that the icon of ‘an astronaut’ belongs to them. At the same time I felt that the city is dirty and old. New York has a problem, the city needs renovation. It looks very deteriorated, like my spacesuit. This performance could only take place in New York, because Americans seem to feel like they can say whatever they want. Everybody was talking to me, as if I belonged to them, as if I belonged to their daily life.

Lost Astronaut

Did the experiment make you feel lonely?

No, I was never alone; everybody wanted to communicate with me. Therefore I never felt lonely. I only felt isolated because I couldn’t hear.

How important was the reaction of people? How did they respond?

The reactions were important because the point of this performance was to mix with the daily life of the city. Therefore it was all about experiencing the encounter with an astronaut in ‘your day’. Of course there were many different reactions, even I felt fear, but this is part of the challenge being performing out of the safe place, the museum.

Lost Astronaut

What’s next?

Moon Academy, I work in collaboration with ESA, European Space Agency to democratize the moon. I organize workshops two times a year, for free. These workshops are attended by architects, designers, artists etcetera. I talk about how to build in space, what life would be like in space. At the same time, I’m preparing the first Moon Life Concept Store that will be opened in Shanghai in one month and will come to NAI Rotterdam in March 2011. To realize this project I work with the best artists, designers, architects and fashion designers of Holland, to construct for example concepts, products, artworks and ideas for life in space.

» Alicia Framis

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