Op 7 mei opent in het Haagse Ship of Fools de expositie More is a Bore met werk van (inter)nationale minimalisten. Noma Bar is een van hen en geeft tijdens de opening op 7 mei een lezing. En wij interviewden hem alvast, zodat je 'm 7 mei die lastige vragen kunt stellen.

Hi Noma, can you give a brief introduction about yourself?
My name is Noma Bar, i was born in Israel in 1973, and I live in London. Actually my real name is Avinoam… It’s a very old Hebrew name, that means ‘the father of kindness’. Avinoam it’s not a name that you would give to a baby in 1973, unless he was born with white long beard & walking stick.

After a while my parents understood their fatal mistake and invented a lightweight nickname: Noma, what they didn’t know then (Google search engines were slow in 1973) that it’s a name of a disease that destructs the face! Thanks mom.

Wallpaper Magazine

Cover voor Wallpaper* Magazine

What are your influences?
Human faces, people, comedy, silent films, early Eastern European design, London, Camden town. typography, brancusi, Giacometti, Alan Fletcher, American wit & the British ‘smile in the mind’ movement.

Your work is really iconic and has often a 'hidden’ layer. Is that something you always try to achieve?
I’m trying to tell a story that builds through visual discoveries. I’m drawing a short script, the viewer sees one thing, he thinks about what he sees, he looks twice, an untrained eye will look 3 or 4 times and then comes a visual discovery that will create a continuation to the story, or in some cases it will end the story.

Is more really a bore?
It’s really up the the artist… Some of the ‘mores’ can take you through an emotional journey, but in most of the cases it stops in the heart & can’t penetrate the brain.

What will you share with us during your talk at More is a bore?
i’m going to talk about my life, childhood, the evolution of my works, my books, 9 years of life in London & work with big publications & clients as The Guardian, New York Times, Esquire , Wallpaper*, Random House, V&A, BBC & more…

Any last words or advice?
“There is a crack in everything, that how the light gets in” —Leonard Cohen

Thanks for the interview!

Expositie in KK Outlet, London

Aanstaande vrijdag om 19:30 geeft Noma samen met Leandro Castelao een lezing over zijn werk in het Haagse Ship of Fools.

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