Eike Koning is grafisch ontwerper afkomstig uit Berlijn. Tijdens de derde editie van Don’t Believe The Type geeft HORT een 2 dagen durende bootcamp. Die overigens binnen no-time was uitverkocht. Tussen zijn reizen en workshops door had hij tijd voor een kort maar krachtig interview!

Hello Eike, can you give a brief introduction about yourself?
Hello, I studied graphic design, worked as an art director for Logic Records and openend my own studio named HORT in 1994. So, in a way I am a graphic designer.

If you had to describe your work, how would you do that?
Usually other people are trying to describe our work. So I never really thought about. It’s thought-out, focused, conceptual, highly visual, mostly with a visual system behind. And we are having fun while we are doing it.

Your work is very diverse, ranging from simple 2D typography to complex spatial installations. do you have a preference for a certain way of working?
Not really. The way it looks is defined by the concept you have developed. So I don’t prefer any style, I prefer ideas. And I prefer to learn and leave things I can do behind to try new things. But the diversity of our work is because of the diversity of the people who work at hort. We work as a team and we all share our knowledge, cultural background and education.

What is your bootcamp during DBTT all about?
That really sounds sophisticated. but it’s gonna be pretty simple. It will start with nothing, a white peace of paper… and after two days we’ll have some great artworks that had been done by hand and without a computer. The idea is to reduce the possibilities to solve a brief – and by doing this to focus and explore.

Your bootcamp was sold out really soon, do you have some advice for the people that are going to miss out?
I’m not someone who gives advices to people.

Don't Believe The Type

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