Vorige week werd in Parijs de winnaar bekend gemaakt van de Duvel Collection design competition. De Belg Philippe Debongnie bleek bovenop de 840 inzendingen ook uit de 12 finalisten de beste met zijn glas getiteld 'Vitrail’.

Fontanel Magazine zat in de design jury en interviewde de beste man over zijn weg om tot het winnende ontwerp te komen. Verder geven we 12 × 2 glazen weg, die vanaf juni 2012 in de winkel zullen liggen.

Hi Philippe! First of, what did you have as inspiration for creating the artwork on the glass?

At the time, I was working on an illustration with this very organic grid and people flying endlessly in it. This image was really coming together as organically as the grid on it, people came to place by themselves.

I felt that kind of grid would make a great design for the glass. All I had to do was to fit the DUVEL logo in it.

I heard about the contest and thought at first not to take part since I had enough work on my plate. And than I looked at this image again, thought about the contest and it clicked, I felt that kind of grid would make a great design for the glass. All I had to do was to fit the DUVEL logo in it.

As always, it was not that simple, I had to make a few attempts to get it right. On the first try, I had people in the grid but I figured this would not work when printed on the glass. I also noticed the shape was too complex, I had to simplify it. After that I went for a very colorful idea of the grid which did not work out either, it was too heavy on the colors and the DUVEL logo was not complex enough this time. I had to simplify it again, but the grid was good.

Since I had scanned the grid before coloring it, I worked digitally this time and decided to use a smaller color palette and much, much less colors to make it lighter. I wanted it to look like the design was just hanging on the glass by itself. And on the third attempt, I’d say I was happy with it. You can check the design I sent below.

Was it hard to design on a glass surface? Especially with the roundness of the glass?

Not really, I wanted my design to be airy, to be seen as if floating on the glass and in that sense, I feel the roundness of the glass actually helped me.

What did you think of your competition, was it tough?

It really was. I was surprised to be the last one standing, I thought there were a lot of excellent designs and ideas during the whole competition and definitely in the 12 finalists. I think what helped me is the fact I did not go for an idea or a concept, I just followed my feeling all along. And it seems it touched people.

En het definitieve resultaat:

Thanks Philippe! Voor meer werk van Philippe kun je kijken op zijn portfolio.

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Thomas Moes

Thomas Moes is naast mede-oprichter en editor ook designer van Fontanel Magazine en Fontanel Jobs. Daarnaast is hij freelance interactive designer voor o.a. de NOS.