Sean Freeman is een 24 jaar oude grafisch ontwerper afkomstig uit Londen. Zijn werk lijkt rechtstreeks afkomstig uit Cinema 4D, maar al zijn werk bestaat uit foto’s van 3-dimensionale installaties. Hij heeft altijd al een voorliefde voor typography gehad en daarom is hij uitgenodigd als gast op de derde editie van Don’t Believe The Type komende vrijdag 5 november in Den Haag. Karin Langeveld van Trapped in Suburbia interviewde Sean om alvast in de sfeer te komen!

When did your love for typography start? Are you addicted to typography?
I think it’s always been there, in the background. I only really discovered it fully about 3 years ago towards the end of my time at uni. I met with Craig Ward who’s now a very close friend, and his passion for typography rubbed off on me and we started sharing this similar passion for words as pictures. And yes, I’m very much addicted. I can’t help but over analyse headlines, treating tube stations like art gallerias looking round and examining the type and how it’s being treated. I love it, and couldn’t imagine living without it as my passion.

Sean Freeman

How did you get started as a designer and would you have any advise for the students who are about to graduate?
I was very fortunate to get a job as a designer straight from Uni and I learned so much from it. All the while I was working there I was doing my own work in the evenings, which eventually led to my first commission – a really small piece for The New York Times, and after that a sort of snowball effect happened. One commission turned into 2, 2 into 3 and eventually I started having enough personal and commissioned work to do that it tipped the balance into me working fully freelance – which I’ve been doing now for just over a year.

Advice for students interested in pursuing a career in illustration, I would say just obvious things really – first things first, get a website together, it really is so important. Without my website I just wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing simple as that. Imitation is flattery to a certain point – often I see students work who work a little too closely to other illustrators out there – if there’s a way of putting a bit of yourself into your work and making it a little but unique I think thats where things interesting and art directors can pick up on that.

Sean Freeman

With your work you use a lot of mixed media like wood, glass, plastics and fur. How do you decide on the material?
I look out for materials and stuff that does interesting things during my day which then sparks off ideas. Sometimes I get briefs to do things, and it’s then a case of thinking about what material would work best for this particular execution. Overall, it’s all about playing around, experimenting and keeping my eyes open all the time for new things.

Sean Freeman

When you get asked to do a cover of a magazine, like the Creative Review, how do you come up with the idea to make a huge light installation?
The Creative Review piece was a little tricky, it was such an open brief – just to create the letter I (for illustration) in whatever way I wanted. It was an amazing opportunity to work with Jane Stockdale, who’s a good friend of mine and we’ve wanted to do something for ages and this was the perfect one to do. We both put our heads together and came up with a bunch of ideas, which in the end got whittled down to the infinity cube, and the fun began….

Sean Freeman

You come from a creative family, do you think this helps in finding your own style or working methods?
I do – particularly with my brother who has been amazing. Together we’ve enjoyed playing with all sorts of materials and experimenting, despite being in different fields – he is a developer, we both share a similar vision and have a similar eye so its worked really well.

Do you have any great new projects lined up for 2010 or next year that you’d like to share with us?
I have a few, one of which is working with a really good friend of mine and fantastic illustrator; Pomme Chan on an exhibition piece for Bangkok’s design festival. I also hope to be working with Iain Crawford, who is an incredible photographer on something pretty special soon. I also have in my head an idea for something that I think would be fantastic, however I need a good month or 2 to complete it so we’ll see….

Don't Believe The Type

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