Weng Nam Yap studeerde af aan de KABK met een indrukwekkende, experimentele interactieve installatie. Weng Nam, young talent #12, vertelt over zijn werk, tijd op school en wat zijn plannen zijn.

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Vertel eens wat over je afstudeerwerk

My project ‘Graphics Speak’ is about translating graphic to sound, it consists of a collection of graphical patterns that can be turned into sound. Every single pattern has its own sound and various composition can be made by mixing the patterns on a turntable. The whole installation is in a darkroom, by broadcasting live video recording of the patterns on the analog television, the transmitted electromagnetic waves will be translated into sound by using a sensor. Therefore in this case, what you hear is what you see.
In the exhibition, it also contains the process and various experiments of visualizing sound and vice versa.

Wat hoop je over een jaar te doen?

I gave myself a year in Holland and I am planning to get a job. At the same time, I am interested to know more about sociology and cultural studies after gone through these 2 years in Europe.

Hoe kijk je terug op de opleiding?

To me, the school is a hardware which provides different facilities for students to use, to experiment with different mediums, no matter which departments are you from, which I do really like and feel very free to use. I started my studies from 3rd year, as a foreign student from Asia, it is interesting to me to experience Dutch education and culture, and also the differences of the students from Asia. Other than that, I tried my best to get anything I wanted at the school.

Wat/wie heeft je op de been gehouden tijdens je afstudeertijd?

My curiosities I guess. And motivation in sound and music, though I am not a musician. I was actually inspired by Baschet Brothers’ in the 50’s, I was amazed by the unconventional instruments after visited their exhibition during my internship at Barcelona, and that was probably an important start. And from there I wonder if there is possibility graphic design works with sound.

Uit welk moment haalde jij de meeste voldoening?

When I found out how the sound comes from after lots of experiment with different graphics.

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