Zoals je afgelopen tijd hebt gemerkt, hebben we onze boek reviews in een nieuw jasje gestoken. Dat heeft ons geïnspireerd om ook beter naar het magazine-landschap te gaan kijken. Tijdens onze voorbereiding komen we een aantal titels tegen die we gaandeweg met julie delen. Zo de eerste: Kinfolk Magazine.

Ik vroeg Catherine Searle-Williams, features editor, een paar vraagjes over het bijzondere tijdschrift, dat onlangs haar tweede issue uitbracht.

Why did you guys feel something was missing in the magazine world?
Kinfolk is a quarterly publication that came to life as a resource for a previously untapped niche. We were struggling to find inspiration and guidance on gathering often with friends and family in an uncomplicated way; thus Kinfolk was born.

Can you tell something about Kinfolk, about the subjects, role of photography and design?
Something unique about Kinfolk is that the editorial team is quite small- but our group of contributors and collaborators is quite large. The editorial team is more or less the same throughout each editorial cycle, though the contributors (writers, photographers, artists, etc.) rotate and change per volume thus providing variety and showcasing differing work, all under the umbrella of a similar aesthetic.

Much of the content is scheduled prior to production, although a large portion of the stories/photos come unsolicited from our readers.

Submissions are made frequently by readers and those interested in getting involved. The community mentality and collaborative force behind its production was from the beginning a focal and necessary point. The idea of fortifying and strengthening our communities through building our relationships is what literally creates the content as well as is the main underlying message we are lobbying.

What are your future plans with Kinfolk?
We are at the time focusing our efforts on creating a quality magazine and on the Dinner Series, which is Kinfolk in action. The series is a way to put into action the very ideas we were showcasing in the magazine. The series is about inviting people to gather and take advantage of the rich community that already exists around them, opening up and drawing close to the people that share a common place.

We aim to encourage collaboration amidst local artisans and small businesses. The future of Kinfolk is yet to be disclosed but is and always will be encouraging frequent and less pretentious methods of gathering.

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Willem van Roosmalen

Willem van Roosmalen is mede-eigenaar en editor van Fontanel. Met een achtergrond in Marketing Management en Design Management helpt Willem bureau’s en bedrijven sterke merken te vormen als strateeg, en vorm te geven als grafisch ontwerper.