Voor zijn afstudeerproject verkoopt Paul van Uden zijn geluk. Hij gaat zijn fascinatie voor Las Vegas omzetten in cold hard cash. Je kunt een fortune ticket kopen voor 30 euro. Het geld wat hij (eventueel) wint zal hij na terugkomst verloten onder de mensen.

Luck for Sale

I’ve always been dreaming about Las Vegas: it’s a city that’s a playground for grown ups. I’ve always wanted to go there and have a look at the Vegas way of life. How people get lost at the tables, the lights and so on. As a visual communicator I want to experience that and look for interesting story’s and places.

But how can a student get to Vegas, live like a gambler and investigate all the strange places in Vegas? I came up with the idea to sell my luck in pieces by using a gamblers mindset.

How? I am selling tickets that represent a piece of my luck. For 30 euro’s you can buy 1 fortuneticket. From that 30 euro’s 20 goes aside for the plane ticket the other 10 are for gambling. So if i sell 75 tickets i will have 1500 for a plane ticket and 750 for gambling.

If I win any money i will put up a lottery when I am back in Holland.

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