Is het serieus of grappig bedoeld? beslis zelf….

The Internet is like a cup.
And the cup is almost full.
The web is growing at an alarming rate.
It currently holds 5 trillion megabytes of data.
Every minute, 35 hours of content is uploaded to Youtube.
Every month, 2.5 billion photos are added to Facebook.
As technologists continue to warn of an impending Data Explosion,
we felt we needed to do our part to raise awareness of this threat,
and save the world while we’re at it.

Visit and learn to surf like a nihilist.

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Simon Scheiber“Martin Pyper woont sinds 1989 in Nederland en is grafisch ontwerper/art director. Zijn eigen bedrijf 'me studio’ maakt vooral affiches, boeken en huisstijlen en hij heeft een eigen blog.”