Wieden+Kennedy en Random Studio hebben samen een nieuwe campagne voor Coca Cola ontwikkeld vol met raadsels. Op de Facebook pagina worden fans uitgedaagd rijmpjes op te lossen. De opdracht van vorige week:

Grab some bottles, pots, and pans
You have instruments in your hands!
Even when you’re broke,
It’s easy Making _ _ _ _ _ With _ _ _ _ .com

De oplossing leidt je naar makingmusicwithcoke.com. Daar kan je je een tijdje vermaken door je toetsenbord als piano gebruiken of de Coca Cola tune zelf in te spelen door het woord 'music’ te typen.

7 raadsels zijn nu gepost op de Facebook pagina, maar er zit waarschijnlijk nog meer aan te komen. Daarom vroegen we Dan Maxwell (creative bij W+K) en Dylan Galletly (senior producer bij Random) waarom raadsels de oplossing zijn voor Coca Cola en wat we nog kunnen verwachten.

How did you get to the solution ‘riddles’?
The reason we created riddles on Facebook instead of just releasing the sitelets is because we wanted people to discover them. This makes the experience more fun and rewarding. The sitelets campaign is the brainchild of the W+K creative team behind some of Coke Facebook’s most popular status updates. Just that this time we decided to create updates with a twist. And so we created a new kind of dialogue with our target audience – the 40 million + Facebook fans Coke already has.

What does a riddles need to make it to the Coca Cola wall?
Ha! It needs to be tricky enough that you feel smart for figuring it out, but not so tricky that no one finds the sitelet! It also helps if it rhymes…

The solutions pages are in Flash or in HTML. Why did you use both?
Although the industry seems obsessed with Javascript and HTML5 at the moment, we simply couldn’t have achieved the quality of animations we did without using Flash. Besides Flash being the biggest part of the technology we used for the sitelets, we also used some jQuery and the standard Javascript libraries for detecting mobile devices.

Where will the riddles take us?
To the sitelets, of course! But seriously, you never know where they’ll take you. That’s part of the adventure, and discovery. We’re just happy that when you do find them, they make you smile. As for the future, Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam and Coca-Cola will continue on the quest to spread happiness through a number of exciting projects.

» Check the Coca Cola riddles on F _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .com

Jasper  Baartmans

Jasper Baartmans is freelance interactive producer. Dagelijks pendelt hij tussen creatieven, designers, programmeurs en klanten bij de beste bureaus van Nederland en België. Bekijk een selectie van zijn werk op jasperbaartmans.com.